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Guidelines sent to those who were seriously
considering joining the class
- those who had responded to articles, ads, and
October 23, 1993

NOTE: This particular type of classroom experience is no longer offered.



  • The Next Level's desire is to help (or nourish) souls. They are eager to assist any creatures who are heading in the right direction of their own volition. If they think you have the capacity to respond to this, and they want to give you an opportunity to receive it, then a member of the Next Level actually puts you in contact with the information that is presented in our ad, "Final Offer - from the Evolutionary Level Above Human." It was the Next Level's presence, standing right beside you, that explains that powerful response you felt as you first read the ad.

  • At this point, the Next Level observes closely how you choose to respond, knowing they can only help you if you ask them. Even though the Next Level may have "touched" you, your response is not predetermined. There will be forces aggressively trying to turn you away from this, and completely non-aggressive Members of the Next Level available to assist if you ask for their help. It is up to you to decide which voice to listen to. Many who sincerely feel astounded by the ad and that it rocks their very foundation, will likely decide, "It requires too much; it means I'd have to change everything; I wish I had never seen it." Others may listen to thoughts that come from another "god" or alien group that say, "Don't pay any attention to this - they're just some 'cult' or New Age antichrist." But if you read the ad, and then use the terminology in the ad to connect, by saying, "Next Level - if this is true, help me to perceive it," then the Next Level will be there to assist you as long as you keep asking, until you are physically in contact with the classroom.

  • So, if you are one who felt a powerful response and a recognition, a knowing deep inside that this is something you must pursue, then you are invited to make application for entry into the classroom - hoping that the strength of your desire to become a part of the Next Level, the degree of your thirst to grow and change, and your understanding of what the requirements are, find you acceptable as a beginning student. It is the content and quality of your soul (or what is in your heart) that finds you now a candidate.

  • In other words, the Next Level or the true Kingdom of God is extremely selective, and to be considered as a candidate is an honor. Therefore, it is the student who begins with a trial period, rather than the student feeling that the classroom is on trial. If the Next Level has truly "drawn you to us," then it will be your desire to prove to the Next Level that you are worthy and ready. We understand that you may have doubts regarding your own ability to conquer your weak areas, and this can be a healthy attitude - one that encourages you to trust and to seek help from your classmates and Teachers.

  • We know at first you may have experienced some degree of skepticism or doubt, but if you are continuing to wonder whether or not you are a part of us, or seem to desire more "proof," or are hesitant to sever your ties or conquer your addictions - these are all indications that this may not be the right place or time for you. However, if deep down you feel like, "I have no choice - something inside me tells me I must proceed with this - at least take another step," in other words, if you know that your relationship with the Next Level is the only thing that makes any sense to you, then we will be able to serve in the capacity of helping you.

  • If you believe that we truly do represent the Kingdom of God, then you can understand why you cannot enter the classroom on your terms. You cannot "call the shots," or be concerned about having a position of leadership or needing recognition. Further, you would want only the Next Level, through its procedures, to be your guidance. A student who is a part of this family will grow to value flexibility and know that whatever instruction he receives is exactly what he needs for his most accelerated growth.



  • Part of the process of separating from and "overcoming" the world (the human kingdom) requires trust - trust that if you truly relinquish yourself, including your care and keeping, to those in the Next Level, all of your needs will be taken care of.

  • For the serious student, hanging onto possessions or situations that offer worldly security prevents and interferes with "letting go" of that which binds you to the human kingdom - you unknowingly impose upon yourself limitations that will restrict your potential for change. In other words, after clearly deciding this is all you want, an "ace in the hole" could be a serious obstacle to accelerated change.

  • The transitional process requires a total commitment, and as long as you keep one foot in the world, that foothold will continue to hold you back (will keep you attached and bound to this level) and prevent you from completing your task.

Practical Application

  • Upon first entering the classroom (beginning a trial period), we don't feel it is necessary in all cases for you to have completely "burned all your bridges." In other words, we could understand how some individuals might leave their affairs in such a way that they would not find themselves without any means of support (or without a way to take care of their needs) if they should decide, after a brief orientation, to return to the human world. However, a prospective student would be open and honest about what bridges have not been burned. If you have any "hidden agenda" for recovering your human existence "if this doesn't work out," it means you have doubts as to who you are or who we are, and the classroom experience cannot work for you.

  • During the "trial period" or until the student proves to be on "solid ground" and has convinced us that he has no intention of "turning back" (wanting to recover his life in the world), the possessions that you bring in will be set aside and not be considered as part of the class resources.

  • However, before becoming a "full-fledged" class member or "candidate" (after successfully completing a trial period), each student would arrive at the point of not desiring to have any personal possessions.

  • The classroom circumstance is not one of martyrdom. We have always been taken care of very comfortably. Items and possessions are all shared - there is no personal or individual ownership.

  • Some individuals have entered with virtually no possessions, while others have made sizable contributions. It makes no difference to us in which circumstance you find yourself, and it in no way reflects your level of growth or readiness. The Next Level designs each individual's circumstance with exactly the proper elements for that particular soul's maximum potential for growth.


  • Ties with your past would have to be severed before you enter the classroom. (This does not imply that we might not have occasional instructions for calls, letters, or visits.) Also, the influences that cause us to feel "pangs" from that severance may still have to be dealt with in the classroom, but this is an example of the withdrawal - the overcoming process - that occurs.

  • Everyone is led to this information individually, and your overcoming is individual. In the world there is nothing wrong with the relationships you had, but once you begin this overcoming process, then those relationships can't help but hold you back. It would be like trying to live in two worlds at the same time. It is possible that individuals from the same family unit (spouse, parent, brother, sister) may find themselves as candidates. Even as prospective candidates, individuals must speak or relate to us only for themselves and not for friends or relations. Once in the classroom, they would learn to relate to each other only as task partners and crew members.

  • There are no children (or minors) among us. It is our understanding that souls capable of making the decision to separate from the world would be housed in mature vehicles (bodies). Every class member is celibate, so certainly no children have been born into our group.

  • You can be assured that those you leave behind will be taken care of and watched over by the Next Level. They will be in the hands of their Heavenly Father, who knows what they need and how to help them.


  • What we are doing in our overcoming is breaking the binds of humanism (of this civilization). Which means that anything you are bound to that is uncommon to the Next Level, you will have to be free of. You are literally becoming a new creature.

  • There are many commonly recognized addictions, such as alcoholism, sensuality, tobacco use, drug addiction, love addiction, etc. Members of the class, no matter what they may have participated in prior to joining the classroom, no longer smoke, drink, take drugs, or participate in sexuality to any degree, and this is expected of you also.

  • We also consider many types of behavior and characteristics undesirable, because the vehicle (body) uses them to satisfy a human desire and because they are not characteristics of the Next Level. More specifically, your vehicle has in its genes the programming of likes and dislikes (such as brands of toothpaste or types of foods), habits, opinions, judgments, and ways of expressing yourself, from the many generations of your vehicle's family strain, most of which are foreign to the Next Level. Plus your soul is picking up - where it left off - on what it has not yet overcome from previous incarnations. In the Next Level's eyes, these things are not very different from an alcohol or drug addiction. Examples are many of the little habits we unconsciously get into, and certain patterns of thinking, behavior, and responses, such as being critical of others or getting down on yourself, having negative responses to situations, needing to to talk constantly, having things your way or on a particular timetable, or needing human affection or attention.

  • The classroom, as part of its design, "surfaces" the habits and characteristics that each individual needs to rise above. For the most part, you will be able to drop or shed many of these characteristics easily - even the more hard-core addictions can rapidly disappear.


Before you can be a full-fledged class member, you must first arrive at a place in your understanding, attitude, and control that demonstrates to your classmates and Teachers that you are on solid ground - you are stable. It is the classroom that makes that determination, which will be based, in part, on the following:

  • You have already severed your ties to human relationships and possessions (as described under "Relationships" and "Possessions").
  • You recognize that you are part of this family and want only to adopt the ways of the Next Level as demonstrated in this classroom - nothing threatens your total commitment.
  • You see the value in asking for, accepting, and applying the help (per Next Level ways and procedures) offered by your classmates and Teachers.

In the classroom, we all maintain certain basic, minimum standards of control of our vehicles' behavior and responses. There are basic requirements of Next Level conduct that we expect of ourselves and that we would expect of any newcomers as well. The trial period offers us a chance to observe your degree of control and restraint and helps us learn the areas you might need to work on. There are certain types of conduct that are unacceptable in our classroom - such as deceit, lying, sensuality, or permitting verbal outbursts or physical abuse (such as harsh words, sarcasm, hurtful teasing, loss of temper, anger). Also, we strive daily to improve our standards in all areas of restraint - like controlling excessive talking, noise level, or the inappropriate offering of suggestions - and we work consistently at not permitting human characteristics such as negativity, selfishness, vanity, or defensiveness to express their presence.

Though these requirements are seriously stated, this is not to suggest that the class doesn't enjoy a lot of fun, good humor, and appropriate pleasures.

If you find that this class is not what you want (whether you are unable to really sever ties to the world, or the standards in the class seem too demanding, whatever the reason), you are free to leave at any time. Likewise, if it seems to us that you are reluctant to change your behavior (clinging to worldly traits), we might suggest that the classroom is not appropriate for you. In either case, we will help you (in the ways that we can) make your transition back into the world.

End of Section 5

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